Real, Solid Wood Construction

All of our tables are built with solid wood that has been hand picked by our wood-workers for strength, durability, and beauty. Where most other products are using laminates and plywoods in order to improve their profit margins, we have chosen to ONLY use solid wood for all of our products. Solid wood not only has a better and more unique appearance, it is also considerably stronger. We build our tables to last through generations and can be passed down over the years so your kids, grand children, and even great grand children can enjoy it!





High Quality Lego Compatible Plates


We sourced and tested a number of different Lego Plates until will found the perfect plate that ensured THREE things....


  • High Quality, Durable Plates with no defects
  • Consistent Color

And most importantly,

  • A Guaranteed TIGHT Fit with Lego's and Lego Duplo's.

With our Lego Tables, you won't have to worry about whether or not your child's legos will work properly. We've already made sure they will!



To make sure that our tables would last through generations, we knew we had to use precision hardware in the right places. We use hardware that is typically used in high end furniture. 

Brass Inserts & Connector Bolts

While most of our competitors are just using wood screws through a predrilled hole, we knew that wouldn't hold up over time. As the table gets used the screws would eventually loosen and when retightened, they would wear out the predrilled hole. This would cause the table to be less sturdy and wobbly. 

So we decided to use Threaded Brass Inserts along with Machine Connector Bolts. Not only do they provide a really snug fit when attaching the legs, they also can be retightened (if ever needed) and removed a million times without ever compromising the table.


Protective Finish

A nice finish on wooden products not only makes the wood look it's best, it also provides protection against the abuse of daily use. The finish we use is 100% Kid Safe and Environmentally Friendly. It provides a satin smooth finish that just looks and feels great.


Additional Information

All of our products go through multiple inspections through each step of the construction process to ensure safety and quality.