Our company was started back in 2015 as a result of being unable to find a high quality, durable, and attractive looking Lego table. After countless design revisions and building prototypes, creaTABLE was born. We build all of our tables and products out of real, solid woods to ensure strength, durability, and beauty. We use only the best hardware in our products to ensure it lasts a lifetime. We even back our tables with a limited lifetime warranty to cover your purchase through any manufacturer defects. Our mission is to provide the highest quality product at a price that is reasonable.  

Our Priorities:

  • Quality - This matters so much to us. We are proud of the product we sell and we want you and your kids to love it just as much as we loved building it for you!
  • Safety - Everything we design, everything we do, we ask the same question "How do we make this safer?" From rounding edges, recessing bolts into the wood, to using a non-toxic hypoallergenic protective finish we want to make sure our products are 100% safe for your kids to enjoy.
  • Service - We care about our customers and making sure we provide a great experience. Sometimes we know things happen and we may fall short on this due to things out of our control as well as things we could've prevented. If this ever happens, rest assure we take care of customers.